Educational values

French curriculum

Adhering to the French curriculum and educational principles, the educational approach of EFI Bucharest is based on a set of values and objectives that we consider essential. Formally recorded in a Charter of School Values, which all our students and their parents sign up to when registering, these human and educational values set our pupils firmly on the path to success.

core values

The core values defining EFI Bucharest’s identity

Dedicated to knowledge, learning and development, EFI is a school where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, background or beliefs, is committed to upholding the principles of French Republican schools:

  • EFI is a French school, founded on the French language, culture and academic curriculum.
  • EFI is an international school where multilingualism, intercultural discussion, an open-minded global outlook and dialogue drive human relationships.
  • EFI is a school that values the Romanian language and culture, on which it places the same emphasis as its reference languages, French and English
  • EFI is a school focused on learning, where the school community (teachers, pupils and parents) are committed to constantly perfecting its educational model.

educational missions

The educational missions on which our work is based 

  • Transmit fundamental skills and general cultural knowledge to all of our students, the pillars of intellectual and social development
  • Develop essential qualities, such as a thirst for learning, a sense of thoroughness, creativity, critical thinking and curiosity
  • Support each student along the path to academic success by focusing on a personalised approach and individual growth
  • Prepare students for the challenges of citizenship in the 21st century
  • Integrate artistic and sporting practices into the pathway to academic success
  • Value all forms of talent
  • Teach cooperative working and foster a sense of initiative
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