School Transport Service

The possibility to propose a daily school bus service beginning with September 2023 is under consideration at the moment.

Meal service

EFI Bucharest offers a school meal service within the school. The quality of this service is carefully monitored by our team both in terms of nutrition and taste. Our menus are specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of children. We use high quality products, offering a wide variety to meet the requirements of our students. Our aim is to provide well-balanced meals, limit the amount of frozen/processed food as much as possible, prioritise the use of natural food, and offer guidance to pupils on eating meals that contain all the required nutrients.


Pupils at EFI Bucharest must wear a specific uniform, which reinforces our identity, a sense of belonging to the EFI community and, in a wider sense, to the community of schools in the Odyssey network, as well as promoting equality.

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