Use of new technologies

Our educational programme aims to encourage students to develop their critical and creative thinking.

To do this, we incorporate the latest technologies into all aspects of the programme, giving students a new way to find, analyse and display information, while learning about the role technology plays in an increasingly globalised world.

The use and understanding of new technologies is treated as a cross-curricular module for students who come into contact with different forms of technology through the course content, as a tool to enhance learning.

information research skills

At EFI, students develop information research skills. Our technological tool gives students immediate access to a wealth of information that we teach them to filter through. Students then use their critical thinking skills to extract quality information. We encourage students to use the technological tool to create and present the content of their research. They develop the skills that will be needed to communicate in the fully technology-based future world.

teamwork and cooperation

Students have access to a computer network via which they can share files and work together on various projects, promoting the concepts of teamwork and cooperation. Teachers also use this network to share information with students and as a support tool for lessons in class.

  • Classes equipped with digital screens
  • Programming (coding) courses
  • Preparation for B2i
  • Connected classrooms and libraries (fibre optics)
  • Progressively increased and rational use of tablets from year 2 of primary school (CE1)

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