EFI Bucarest teams

teaching staff

The EFI teams are specially selected and trained to successfully deliver the school’s educational project.

The headmaster and teaching staff are tasked with organising the school to create the best possible educational and people-centred environment. In charge of teaching methods, they guarantee strict compliance with the French curriculum and the principles on which French schools abroad are based.

qualified, committed and attentive

The educational team is emblematic of the school’s project:

  • A qualified and international team, composed of teachers of various nationalities with different professional backgrounds;
  • A team committed to educational excellence and the success of all our pupils with teachers working in close cooperation to best support each pupil’s development;
  • A team that’s attentive to the needs of families, who are an integral part of the “EFI community”, and with whom the teachers are in constant contact;
  • An innovative team, ready to constantly adapt its teaching methods by training with learning specialists, notably in languages and educational sciences.

Educational team

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Administrative team

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Health and care department

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