Passerelle programme

specific training

The Passerelle programme, specific French language training

EFI Bucarest is open to students of all nationalities and welcomes kindergarten and primary school pupils who speak little or no French, regardless of their level of education. To ensure their successful integration, the school has set up the “Passerelle programme”, providing pupils with a smooth transition, so that they learn French quickly while easing their way into the school’s teaching curriculum.

The “Passerelle programme” draws on a series of teaching methods developed by the academic team and approved by families. It can accommodate pupils who speak little or no French (expatriates from foreign countries) at any stage from kindergarten to primary school age.

Before these pupils start attending school, they undergo a thorough language assessment, which serves as the basis for their monitoring and progression. To start with, pupils are “immersed” in a regular class, but with an adapted timetable based on the newcomer and immersion schemes run by the best international schools in France.

intensive and structured teaching

A teacher specialised in French as a Language of Instruction (FLSco) gives these pupils intensive and structured French lessons for 3 hours a week in small groups.

This programme involves genuine “linguistic immersion”, enabling pupils who are far removed from the French school system to become proficient in the French language in less than a year. This gradually builds their confidence, allowing them to develop their writing and speaking skills. Furthermore, the school remains in constant communication with pupils’ families to discuss any issues or constraints, establishing an informative educational partnership.

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