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Odyssey is a French international education group whose worldwide institutions provide high quality schooling from kindergarten to high school age, combining innovative teaching and an international perspective with the French school curriculum. Based in Paris, the Odyssey Group was founded by experts in education aiming to create a new educational group combining the best of French and international education.

The Odyssey network is comprised of 14 schools in Europe, Africa and Asia, all of which are approved by the French Ministry of Education. Odyssey also includes one English-speaking school, accredited by the British authorities: the British International College of Cairo.

From kindergarten onwards, Odyssey schools offer a multilingual education combining French, English and the national language of the host country. Lessons are delivered by French and international teachers using an active and personalised teaching approach.

Students take responsibility for their own learning, becoming independent and knowledgeable citizens of the future, thanks to a “French-style” education based on humanist values. Odyssey schools establish a true community that opens students up to the world, enabling them to grow and develop the key skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

In every Odyssey school, highly-qualified academic teams are committed to ensuring the success of each student and establishing their future pathway to higher education. The qualifications obtained by our students, and most importantly, the French baccalaureate, are true passports to the world, opening the doors to the best universities.

Recognised by the French authorities for the quality of its educational provision, the Odyssey group has signed a framework agreement with the Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger (Agency for French Education Abroad – AEFE), thus consolidating its role as an education provider and privileged partner within the French education network abroad.


The Odyssey Group arose from a passion for education and a vision of teaching that combines the best of both worlds: the quality and high standards of French schools abroad and the innovation, integrity and respectful group interaction of English and American education. With primary schools, junior high and high schools across the globe, the Odyssey group
wanted to formalise and explain the twelve educational principles that form the basis of its vision of School Education.
These twelve “Songs”, which reference the epic poem “Ulysses”, are presented in this booklet
aimed at families, children and teenagers alike.

The Odyssey Charter

Each song has a title affirming one or more actions and features a pupil describing their dream school. It is then illustrated with a highly evocative drawing for children and an author’s quote that conveys the main idea.

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