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Dear parents,
Dear readers,

As you already know, the well-being and development of children and every single one of our pupils at the EFI is our main priority.

We understand that children’s well-being depends of many factors and that self-confidence is a key factor in their development.

We have therefore decided to interview a psychotherapist specialising in this particular subject: Sophie Lenoir,
It was an easy decision for us to call on Ms Lenoir, who we know extremely well and regard highly for her values, and the commitment and dedication she shows in all her work. Ms Lenoir is a child psychotherapist and founder of the “Loulous Philosophes” philosophy workshops, in which our pupils will have the chance to take part from the start of the next academic year.

During this interview, Sophie Lenoir will help us understand the concept of “self-confidence,” which despite seeming somewhat subjective, is a key component in child development.
Adults play an integral role in children’s development of self-esteem, whether in their family circle, at school or in social settings.

Everyone has a part to play, whether at school or elsewhere.

We invite you to watch the live interview at 12:30pm on Tuesday, 15 December, which will be broadcast via Zoom:

This interview, held in place of in-person meetings at our school, is part of the programme aimed at engaging the entire school community, as desired by the EFI.
We hope you will be able to join us and we look forward to receiving your feedback after the event.

EFI Brussels team


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