Nursery school
AEFE approval


Having already received approval for our primary school classes, we are delighted to announce that our nursery school, opened in September 2020, has now received AEFE approval.

The EFI Brussels is a partner school of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), offering a bilingual nursery and primary education fully approved by the French Ministry of National Education.
“By choosing to enrol your child in nursery at a French international school, you are giving them the opportunity to lay the foundations for harmonious development within a caring environment perfectly suited to their age. We will also gradually guide your child along a steady multicultural journey,” Olivier Brocher, Director of the AEFE.

The main objective of nursery school is to give pupils the desire to learn, to become autonomous and to assert their personality. The school engages its pupils in becoming self-confident in their ability to learn and to succeed at school.

Our nursery school pupils are taught by qualified, native-speaking teachers, allowing them to quickly familiarise themselves with the languages spoken at our institution (French and English).

The EFI Brussels is only the second school to have received AEFE approval in Brussels, and just the third in Belgium.
Being part of this network brings many benefits.
We now belong to a network renowned for the quality of its teaching and methods, comprising 535 schools in 139 countries outside France, with whom we share the same values.
All these schools are approved and recognised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of National Education. They are committed to upholding humanist values such as tolerance, gender equality, intellectual curiosity, encouraging critical thinking, etc. and providing an uninterrupted education from nursery level through to the French baccalaureate (GCSE and A-Level). Buoyed by their membership of an open, attractive and dynamic international network, all these schools provide a highly fulfilling education.

Having received approval and forged a strategic partnership with the AEFE, our school will now be able to consolidate its teaching and educational project in close collaboration with the French Embassy in Belgium. Many projects have been rolled out within the network, and our pupils at EFI will greatly benefit from them.

For more information on the AEFE’s approval, please click on this link.