Maths Week

Maths Week has painted a current, dynamic and appealing picture of the subject for our primary, secondary and Sixth Form pupils, as well as to their parents. The 10th edition, whose theme was “Maths and Society”, took place from 15 to 21 March 2021.

See all the activities organised by the EFI Brussels teaching team for our pupils. Every pupil from nursery level to CM2 (Year 6) took part in Maths Week.

Recipes and proportions

Cooking: a mathematical opportunity.

Maths and measures: Money

Integrating basic maths into daily activities such as food shopping.
EFI Brussels’s shop opened its doors on Tuesday morning. Market day has begun,
so why not do a bit of food shopping? An opportunity to determine the importance of Maths in our daily lives. Can we buy everything? Shall we haggle on the price?
Each pupil received an envelope with money inside. The aim was for each of them to do their daily shopping within their allocated budget, i.e. the amount of money in their envelope. When making a purchase, you must know how much to pay and the amount of change you will receive in return.
CM2 (Year 6) pupils helped CP (Year 2) pupils with their shopping during this activity.

Maths and nature

Several days earlier, pupils planted beans to observe and measure their growth, then made bar charts to track their progress.
Shapes are everywhere!
EFI pupils were split up into pairs of one CP (Year 2) and one CE2 child (Year 6), who went around the school searching for geometric shapes. Like true architects, we observed the many different shapes in our school and drew them from photographs, making for a very colourful project.

Maths and the Arts.

The famous French painter Auguste Herbin devised a code to write words using geometric shapes. Having looked at his works and his “alphabet plastic” (plastic alphabet), we circled the shaped corresponding to the letters in our names. We then found the matching colours and began to design our shapes to spell out our names.

Maths and competitions

All our CP (Year 2) students took part in the Koala Maths competition. We would like to congratulate them on their achievements.

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