Extra-curricular coding workshop

Robotics and programming at EFI Brussels.

EFI Brussels fosters the development of digital thinking, robotics and programming, drawing on Digit’Owl to liven up extra-curricular coding/steaming workshops.

Digit’Owl is the first “nomadic” school to teach digital education in schools!
Digit’Owl’s philosophy lies in transferring the fundamentals of digital thinking, robotics and programming onto the next generation.

We covered the following topics over the first few months:

September: Discovering the world of robotics
All of our coding workshops at EFI Brussels start with a “mood rocket,” a colourful activity cherished by our pupils that allows them to represent the way they are feeling on a given day.
We discovered and became increasingly familiar with the three themes of the year throughout September: digital technologies, robotics and programming.
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October: So how does a robot work?
In October, we discovered the world of robotics through practical exercises. Pupils’ first task was to play a game where they needed to use their critical thinking skills to learn to differentiate between “human robots” and “false robots”.
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Novembre/December Let’s meet Cubetto, the kind robot!
In November and December, our pupils were tasked with “taming” Cubetto, a small wooden robot made in London and inspired by Montessori.
The aim was for our pupils to program it so that it could travel from point A to point B using an algorithmic control panel.
Like true scientists, our pupils observed, assessed and determined how Cubetto works and identified its various elements in small groups.
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